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Thrust during pregnancy

1. The first trimester
2. The second trimester
3. The third trimester
4. Child birth (Labor and delivery)
5. Soon after Childbirth
6. Postpartum Depression
7. Thrust during pregnancy
8. Miscarriage
9. Ectopic Pregnancy
10. Anemia During Pregnancy

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Thrush in pregnancy is a condition associated to the infection of the vagina. During pregnancy, as a result of hormone change, cervical fluid has become abundant and thicker to prevent the sperm from entering the cervical canal, leading to high amount of glycogen in the vagina that promotes the growth of bacteria, causing thrust in some women.

1. Painful during sexual intercourse as a result of thrust on the vaginal lining.
2. Vaginal discharge is thick, white and creamy due to overgrowth of bad bacteria.
3. Burning sensation or pain during urination as the vagina has been infected.
4. Some kind of smell

1. Hormonal change during pregnancy can cause over production of cervical mucus, leading to less acidic vaginal discharge, providing the preferable environment for bacteria to grow,
2. Dressing to thigh pant in the first few months of pregnancy can increase the risk of thrust.
3. Anal sex can cause bacteria transferring of bacteria.
4. Antibiotic can kill both good and bad bacteria.
5. Itching
6. Etc.

How to prevent thrust
1. Eating foods with rich of probiotics, that can enhance the balance of bad bacteria in the affected area such as plain yogurt
2. Wiping your vagina from front to back to prevent bacteria transferring from anal.
3. Apply live acidophilus bacteria to the affected area may be helpful.
4. If the situation become serious, Nystatin may be helpful to treat and prevent the recurrence of the disease, please make you follow the direction closely.
5. It is said that witch hazel compress on the affected external area can reduce swelling and itching.
6. Etc.

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